Don’t cut don’t past just clip and Submit with us, Change the picture with clipping mask

Please don’t confuse yourself with clipping and the other mask used in portrait and picture editing. It is through clipping mask that you are able to cut certain portion of the picture. Clipping mask services is provided when you are working with complex images and where it is hard to determine or the objects are part of the picture or not. The process even helps you to bring group of images together to form one image.

Image is place where you can get satisfaction on clipping mask services. As it through this method that you don’t cut, but clip images to one picture. Before you start with this method you need to first think and sketch out the idea on a piece of a paper. In this method the area that is within the shape will be affected. The area that around the shape work will not be affected. Then start working on it by

Advantages for adopting this method-

–         In clipping the original object is not cropped out of the picture. Thus it remains completely intact and editable. If you change your mind regarding the picture all you have to do is release the clipping mask as it is not cut out.

–         You can even clip many objects to one picture. This technology can even use as fun feature as when you wish to create something innovative with clusters of many objects.

How to use clipping mask method-

There are many sites online working to provide services regarding this method. It is not that difficult to use this method. The process goes from one step to another and then reached the end product. Suppose there is a photo select the image and put it on the layer then with the help of cursor the photo is clipped to its mask. After few adjustment the photo is ready for masking.

If in any case you are not happy with the masking then you can even release the lock and let the picture come to the original form.

It is identified by these three features-

–         Base layer is underlined.

–         Top layers is indented.

–         Top layers consist of arrows indicating below.

How the mask is useful

This method is mainly used in digital scrap bookers, a photo can be clipped to heart shape or oval shape.

This is a good process to do experiment with pictures and images without destroying them.


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