Clipping mask is to make the picture crisp, transparent, opaque or clear. Client is provided with hints by giving samples as to what will happen to his pictures after this editing. Mostly this technique plays a vital role when an image and text combination needs to be designed. It can be different for different organizations. It can be a life size image of an ice cream for an ice cream store, a big size image of a tree for a NGO. Clipping mask is all about the layers of adjustment very similar to what happens in water colors-Layer after layer an art piece is created. It follows more or less the same method.

A clipping mask service helps in highlighting an image file. When an image is processed upon, the down most layers that have transparent pixels work as the preliminary mask. These different photo editing techniques are used by experienced image editor artists. 

ImageA clipping masking service helps you to add text and images all together. It gives you a new mask face for your pictures. From giving a new face it can be related to background appearance or main object appearance or both at a time.

Unless a fresher does not play with editing tools, there is no point in just reading. Therefore it is best to take a photo, make layers and experiment the tools. It helps to erase any misconception between any two techniques.

ImageClipping path and clipping mask services are two different features and should not be confused as same. Graphic designers are taking so much of interest in this editing feature to create masterpieces of image world. With such expert editing features one create any imagination into reality within few clicks and submitting us your picture. Our site gives you an easy access to such very innovative and fascinating image editing world.

Our team expert already possesses the best possible beautiful vision for your clicked picture. We work as beauty parlors to your pictures and enhance their beauty in best possible and natural way. We ensure you quality result that too in reasonable time period with minimum pricing schemes. Our clipping mask services are best among our competitors and serve you always with remarkable results.

Operating with our portal is very simple. All you need to do is to log on and submit your pictures with us along with the editing hint you want to have for your pictures and we will come back to you with visual of your beautiful dreams within few days. 



  1. Excellent writing,Image masking technique is suitable for removing of background, shadow, unwanted objects etc from the complex images which contain thousands of sharp edges and narrow slits even in single pixel like fiber, net, hair etc where clipping path is not applicable alone.

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