I remember the time when it was my friend’s birthday and I with my friends decided to gift him a poster of his photos. For this we selected some of his best and most clear shots we found.  We were as excited for this as it was going to be an exotic gift for our best buddy. Soon we knocked the door of a flex printer and he instantly refused us and said those pictures were not of required resolution for printing a big poster. The pictures were to be magnified which broke the pixels into pieces. We all grew very sad.

ImageOnly 5 days were left in his birthday and we had nothing to gift him. Suddenly one day while surfing on net I found this revolutionary website removebackground.in  – Convert to Vector which gave us this technical help of converting a low resolution picture in high quality one that too fitting to our budget. I instantly placed order and what I got within 2 days was completely a miracle of photo media. I got the picture back with high resolution and no pixel breaking problems while zooming. We got the poster printed and our friend was so happy to find this beautiful gift and he hugged all of us.

This conversion is known as conversion of raster images into vector forms. Vector images are artificially created but naturally looking copies of original rector images which are good in terms of resolution and picture quality.


In simpler terms vector image is the solution for all the drawbacks of a raster image. This conversion of image forms is very complex task and not a simple editing technique for sure. It requires great level of experience and knowledge of editing world. We have the best team of editors working behind this editing tool who serve you the best quality vector images with not much of time and money spent for the work. Vector image is improved manually created form of originally clicked or drawn image or digital image of scanned sketch respectively which are in rector formats.

Hurry up try this innovative feature of photo media and experience quality results of your images here for convert to vector.

“Now freely zoom in and live your moments from closer without any obstacles in your way”.

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