Vector image conversion- a useful guide – Convert To Vector

A vector file offers may significant advantages, primary among them being:

•Scalability- While Raster images are composed of pixels and need to be compromised on quality if they are required to be scaled up, vector images do not suffer on the quality front when enlarged. Convert to vector, and you don’t have the fear of the file looking pixelated, when enlarged.

•Resolution- The advantage of vector images is also that a vector file can be used at different resolution levels, without the picture quality being compromised.

•User friendly- Vector images are easy to edit and also allow for change in colors.

•Cost- Convert to vector and you tend to gain on the cost of printing. With vector images, the number of color plates and hence printing cost reduces significantly.

Little surprise then that victor images are required across a host of printing companies and specialty printers.

ImageFortunately, it is now possible to produce vector images from a wide variety of file formats such as EPS, CDR, PDF, JPG, TIF to name only a few. It is also possible to create vector line drawings from sketches that aren’t very high quality. Removebackground is therefore seen as an important process that spruces up image quality.

While there is a range of automated software available for the process, professional vector convertors ensure they rely on hand tracing using Adobe Illustrator. This ensures that lines and shapes appear smoother, and the final converted product looks extremely professional & is high on quality.

With Removebackground services it is possible to convert pixelated logos as well as blurred images into sharp vector images. Professional service providers offer the following advantages:

•    Good quality output
•    Quick turnaround time
•    Optimized cost

The vector conversion services are typically much in demand by companies such as banner printers, T-shirt printers, plaque makers, graphic design companies and more. It is possible to offer vector outputs in a range of formats, including but not limited to, EPS, AI, PDF, Coral draw or SVG.

It is advisable to choose your vector conversion agency carefully based on factors such as efficiency of using hand tracing rather than automated software alone as well as their ability to handle complex conversions, that can be judged basis their portfolio.

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